Spring cleaning for your house & temple

Spring cleanse cleaning

I woke up yesterday with a strong desire to clean.

Well, it was really more like ‘clean out’.  I raided the fridge, throwing almost empty cream cheese containers and old oranges across the kitchen like I was Steph & Clay… SPLASH!  Yes I ended up cleaning stuff off the floor too but neveryoumind all that ☻

Even though, as usual, the Bay Area can never make up its mind about what season to play dress-up in, my spirit feels a change coming on. Whether it’s humid, raining or still snowing where you are, it is the season for getting rid of sh*t and laying a welcome mat for the new & improved.

If you’re wondering, Spring cleaning has origins in cold weather climates where homes are shut up all winter and with the changing of the seasons need to be aired and cleaned out.

You’ve heard, “As above, so below”? I’d like to add:

As in your house, so be your temple

Look around the area you sleep in, get your work done, eat, play with your children.  Are these spaces cluttered with things you don’t use, broken or torn items, stuff you don’t even believe in anymore??  Often our environment is an out-picturing of what’s going on in our ‘temple’, our bodies and minds.

But no need to go all woo-woo if you aren’t up for it. Just check out these neurological effects of clutter if you need a more concrete reason for a Spring cleaning.

Now that the reason for cleansing your environment is clear, know that in ancient Chinese medicine the same is believed about the body.  This season is a time of renewal, blossoming AND the dissipation of old & stale energy.  A time to open your heart and welcome new flow.

A Spring Cleanse for Self Love – 10 Exercises to boost your worthiness, confidence & ‘deservability’ 

I encourage you to bring to mind one (did you hear me? ONE) goal or desire and write down what you can ‘clean out’ of your environment, body & mind in order to make space for it in your life. How does that feel? Acknowledging that you do indeed have room for your goal to show up.. if you make space for it?

I’d love to know how your cleaning goes. What are you making space for and what’s in the way? Comment below ☟

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In Spirit,

Create lasting change from within #BeBoldforChange

#beboldforchange womens day

I love this year’s theme and Eeni’s awesome artwork above #BeBoldforChange

Happy International Women’s Day!

It is a great hashtag and will be relegated to just that if we don’t push from the inside out to ensure change after March 8th, 2017! If you are a member of my tribe, you know I love words. Let’s extract the important words from this theme and insert them into our lives.  I have a challenge for you 

Change – It’s not enough to wear an emblazoned t-shirt or  yell change at a march. Be clear about the change you seek in the world and in your personal life.  It begins within; your beliefs, thoughts & action. What concrete change would you love to see?

Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.
Oprah Winfrey

Bold – Do you think bold is being loud or grabbing attention? Let’s elevate that thinking. Courage, risk-taking, confidence, strength – this is the definition of BOLD.  How can you step into and claim this definition in your own life?

Accept and acknowledge your own brilliance. Stop waiting for others to tell you how great you are! Believe it for yourself and about yourself.  Iyanla Vanzant

Be – Or as I like to write, capital BE. I want to gently take your arm and yank you away from the idea of being as doing something.  Being bold doesn’t simply consist of going to a march or writing your congressman.  The lasting change that we are wishing against reality for, is born out of our everyday lives.  BEing worthy enough to demand more, acknowledging how we BE inside of our privilege or oppression, BEing scared and still moving forward, BEing strong enough to be vulnerable.  How will BEing bold for change show up in your life and therefore the world?

Use your voice! Answer the questions below or join my private group below  and let your thoughts flow.

In Spirit,