September 20-22, 2019
A Two and a Half Day Activation Experience for Women Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Changemakers.

We Are Thrilled To Announce Guest Speaker: Rev. Andriette Earl

Rev Andriette Earl
She is well known and loved for her intuitive ability to lovingly lead women toward breakthrough and transformation.
Rev. Andriette Earl is the loving and dynamic Spiritual Leader of Heart and Soul Center of Light. A spiritually committed teacher, facilitator and “freedom coach”, Rev. Andriette is an “edu-taining” and empowering teacher of the principles of Divine Love and Law. She is a national magazine columnist, author of Embracing Wholeness: Living in Spiritual Congruence, and creator of the transformative board game, “Speak Your Word: The Freedom Game”. She sees the best in us and inspires us to be much more than we ever thought we could be.

Are you tired? I mean really tired...

Of scrolling through Facebook watching other women living their best life (let's just be real) feeling kinda jealous but also inspired?

Of having the same damn things on your vision board every year because you've set aside your dreams to be in service to your family, career & community?

Of feeling alone whenever you start talking about wanting more out of life, making a difference and BEing who you are meant to be?

AND of asking yourself,

When do I get to do me??

I hear the same things from so many women: I don't have enough energy to make it happen. Too many people depend on me. I don't have time for anything, how could I possibly make time for my dream? 

When you ignore what's calling you, your stress level soars, exhausted is a way of life, and the people around you (whom you've been giving all your precious time & energy to) don't get to experience your best self!

Whether you're being pulled to

  • Start your Business
  • Write that Book
  • Get Promoted
  • Get your Degree
  • Start your Health Journey
  • Use your Creative Gifts
There is a solution.

5 years ago when I made the decision to put my words, my heart & 12 years of study on a vlog (translation: a blog with videos of me in my living room), I had no idea it would turn into a thriving business that would positively touch the lives of hundreds of women.

Before that, I was deep in self-pity for what I believed were my "failures".

I knew I was blessed but constantly felt guilty for wanting MORE.

I was exhausted all the time because I was always "busy".

I had tons of ideas & juggled multiple roles but PROCRASTINATION & FEAR ruled my world.

Something in me KNEW there was more waiting for me, that the REAL me needed to shine, that I was meant to make a difference.

IF... I could figure out & prioritize my purpose, find the courage I'd used for so many other things and be around other like-minded women who were taking action on their ideas!

The process, strategy and faith it took to start Elevate Your NOW, turned into my signature coaching system of Triple C Success: Clarity, Courage & Confidence. 

Forget survival, You deserve to THRIVE!

Women are masters at what it takes to survive. But that's not good enough. It is entirely possible, and dare I say it, necessary to live a life of joy, passion & purpose. I love witnessing my clients experience the following:

  • Feeling excited & passionate about their future
  • Finally taking steps and having a plan to meet their goals 
  • Making life-enhancing decisions quickly and with ease
  • Feeling worthy of the big visions & potential impact that they feel called to realize
  • Stepping outside of their comfort zone with power & grace (even while their knees are knocking)
  • Knowing who they are, what they are here to do and lighting up a room because of it
  • What it feels like to be an inspiration to others simply because as one client put it, "I'm doing me"
  • The realization that magically, the people around her (family, coworkers, friends) are happier as she pours into herself & her dreams.

I am a Passionate Advocate for the NOW

Listen. Next year, some day, one day, after I finish__ & eventually is too damn far away. Life is too short and too exquisite to put off living out loud any longer. 

Have you paid attention to what's going on in the world??

You are needed!

Yes I mean you. Today's energy & circumstances are pulling women toward more leadership and living life in a truly authentic way. Not just for your own peace & sanity (which should be #1 on the list) but for the good of your family, community and truly, our world.

If you are perfectly fine with your dreams going unrealized, with thinking big but playing small, with your ONLY passion being your last Netflix binge, with giving until there's none left for yourself and wishing it was you instead of others "living their best life", Activate Your Calling is not for you.

However, If you FEEL like a higher power is calling you to be, do and have more,

If you would love to feel excited & passionate about the next chapter in your life,

If you want more energy, freedom and time to ‘find me again’,

If you want purpose in your life and to know you are making an impact,

If you know that you can’t wait any longer,

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Don't miss your opportunity to join Success Coach Kysha Mitchell and dozens of Powerhouse women to

September 20-22nd, 2019
Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday
Sphere Coworking & Wellness Oasis
Downtown Oakland, Ca

I've taken the juiciest parts of my exclusive Triple C Success System that I use to transform the lives of my clients, transformation principles that I've studied for more than a decade and the feminine tools I use for my own prosperity and combined them into
one explosive and  life-changing weekend.
The women that boldly say YES to claiming Sep 20-22 as their launching pad will experience expert guidance, powerful new content, an extended time of 2.5 days, an opportunity for intentional networking, and breakthrough exercises from my amazing Elevation Partners!

The Weekend Experience

Triple C Success: Clarity, Courage & Confidence



Prioritizing Your Purpose 

  • Turn confusion into claiming the clearest path forward - specifically for the multi-passionate
  • Rediscover & give voice to your neglected dream or next level vision
  • Make 'having it all' possible & healthy - Learn Kysha's feminine formula for true balance



Getting Unstuck

  • Give yourself permission to take the risk of a lifetime
  • Encounter the YOU inside of your vision board with Kysha's crowd favorite exercise: GIVE - Group Interactive Visualization Experience
  • Love vs. Fear - Fall in self-love breakout sessions with our Elevation Partners



Turning Ideas Into Action

  • Master the secret to making quick, powerful, aligned decisions
  • Create a customized Next Steps plan of action for making your vision reality
  • Motivation tools for sustained success

Here’s what people are saying about Activate Your Calling

Daryll Santuray-Begonia

Vulnerability and power

Congratulations on such a successful event. You created a beautiful community of women who honored each other’s truest selves in both vulnerability and power. Thank you!

LaTossha-Monique Joseph

Safe and loving space filled with wonderful sisters

I had a wonderful entrance into self love on the new moon through a retreat lead by Mrs. Mitchell called Activate Your Calling. She provided a safe and loving space filled with wonderful sisters where we expressed, healed, and learned what it truly means to follow our callings.

Natasha R.

It was a movement! 

It was more than just a fabulous event - it was a movement!
I am still letting the wisdom settle in, and I know it will be rich.
I really appreciated the time spent with so many powerhouse sisters. I see the world differently now.

Why You Need This Weekend 
Mentally, Physically & Spiritually

Access Your True Power & Passion

I'm guessing that you have many talents & skills.

That you are passionate & knowledgeable on different levels.

That you can juggle multiple roles and do them better than most.

I'm also guessing that you aren't sure which path to take and the thought of giving anything up scares the s*** out of you.

It takes a unique courage to say YES to the one thing that keeps you up at night. Whether it's the picture that shows up on your vision board year after year OR the desire in your heart that you are afraid to voice out loud. You'll leave this weekend feeling clear & confidant about what has been divinely placed on your heart AND your ability to take action on it!

Where can you do you? Here.

Have you ever sat in the car an extra hour because it felt like freedom?

Your life is full of spaces. Home, work, kids' school, Trader Joe's, Starbucks... These places all come with to-do lists or damn-I-didn't-finish lists. They come with expectations and judgments (some are your own). 

I've curated a weekend with a beautiful physical space, safe sharing, good energy, aligned content and time to laugh & breathe specifically for high-achieving, like-minded women to at last, take time for yourself.

Unplug in Order to Connect

You would think with the multiple ways we are able to communicate today: texting, social media, private messages, video chats & email, that we would be intimately connected & heard. Instead, no matter how many devices you are plugged into, you end up feeling alone & isolated. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Although we will not be collecting phones at the door (whew, right?), this weekend was created to unplug, bring you closer to yourself and foster community. To find commonalities, share resources, laugh & cry together, voice dreams, encourage, inspire and maybe meet a new bestie!

Get. Stuff. Done.

Ok sis, let’s pause the woo-woo empowerment for a moment. 

You are a Powerhouse. You're brilliant, accomplished & you've been through some valleys in life and came out on top.

Occasionally, I've found that what works better than anything is a gentle shove or swift kick to acknowledge the Calling you keep starting, stopping & putting back on the shelf.

Need to get your a$$ in gear? That's also what this Weekend Experience is for​.

Introducing our PHENOMENAL activation partners:

Damali Robertson Jamaican poet, digital storyteller, compassionate facilitator and spiritual activist

Aimee Suzara Filipino-American poet, playwright, and performer 

Jacqueline Turner Romance Artist, Certified massage therapist , Colon Hydrotherapist and Tantra Educator


Enjoy & Explore Flourishing Downtown Oakland, California

Our Mission-Aligned Venue
Sphere: A coworking and wellness oasis
"We believe strongly that women rise in community with one another. At Sphere, our goal is to create a space where women can work and create in proximity to one another and be lifted by each other’s energy."

Downtown Oakland, California

Top Restaurants & Eateries | Minutes from Beautiful Lake Merritt | Local Boutiques & Gourmet Shopping | Thriving Arts & Nightlife

Meet Your Host & Guide
Kysha Mitchell

Kysha is a certified success coach, speaker, and a fierce advocate for women owning and living in their truth. She believes that our truth is our bond with the Divine and therefore, the path for living our best life!

She has guided dozens of women to reimagine their lives, take action and sustain a personal heart-driven version of success. Using her Triple C System of Clarity, Courage & Confidence, her clients receive strategies to reveal where their power lies, tools to apply it, and the encouragement to move forward in alignment with who they truly are.

Kysha credits her own success in entrepreneurship, community advocacy and public speaking to multiple business certifications, ongoing mindset & transformation studies, and a strong, active spiritual foundation. She lives in Oakland, supported by her Irreplaceable husband of 22 years, her 2 thoughtful & energetic teenagers and a strong inner circle of sisterhood & mentors.

Here’s what people are saying about Kysha...

Kai B. Nortey

CEO of Kube Nice Cream

Manifest your vision with laser focus!

Kysha is a Goddess coach who empowers you to manifest your vision with laser focus! Kysha helped me to focus, cut the distractions and receive more than I could imagine in my capital raising efforts! Laser focus was required!

Marie Gunter

AYC Participant

You provided a safe space

You provided a safe space and held space for each of us. I recognize the difficulty in that act alone, yet you did so with strength, and grace, humor and gentle leadership.

I want to call out that I “see you”. You are strong, and creative, powerful in your grace while brining truth and healing to the realm of consciousness. That is a beautiful thing!  Thank you so much. We need you!!

Jenny Kassan

Jenny Kassan Consulting

Her positive energy is contagious

​Kysha Mitchell is a wonderful speaker and group facilitator!  She shares inspiring, actionable content and her positive energy is contagious.  Her style is friendly and approachable.

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PLEASE NOTE: This event is Friday evening, and all day Saturday & Sunday. We will be fostering community, working together and progressing through the content the whole weekend. Please attend  only if you can stay the entire time.  

I can't wait to see you rise!