Follow Your Passion.
Find Time for Your Purpose.
Fuel Your Faith in YOU.

Why do You Need to Activate Now?

  • You are feeling a pull toward your dreams that won't let you go
  • You can't help wanting MORE out of life
  • Women are rising & shining and you know that you should be too
  • You are ready to move beyond the fear & doubt
  • You'd rather feel fulfilled than busy & exhausted
  • You remember what it was like to feel passionate and you want that feeling back
  • Something is telling you it's time

If I were to ask what would help you feel fulfilled and happy, would you say...

  • To financially maintain my lifestyle with ease
  • To feel confident and at peace with myself
  • To live the life of my dreams
  • To feel good about the path that I have chosen
  • To thrive in my calling and in life.
  • To not worry and truly go with what God has for me.

No, I did not mysteriously copy these from your mind and heart! These are real answers from my community. Like-minded, powerful, longing-for-more women just like you. I want this for you and it's why I am inviting you along this 5 Day Journey to become activated!

Meet Kysha Mitchell

Kysha is a certified success coach, speaker and a fierce advocate for women owning and living in their truth. She believes that our truth is our bond with the Divine and therefore, the path for living our best life!

She has guided dozens of women to reimagine their lives, take action and sustain a personal heart-driven version of success. Using her Triple C System of Clarity, Courage and Confidence, her clients receive strategies to reveal where their power lies, tools to apply it and the encouragement to move forward in alignment with who they truly are.

Kysha credits her own success in entrepreneurship, community advocacy and public speaking to multiple business certifications, ongoing mindset and transformation studies, and a strong, active spiritual foundation. She lives in Oakland, supported by her Irreplaceable husband of 22 years, her 2 thoughtful & energetic teenagers and a strong inner circle of sisterhood and mentors.

Kysha Mitchell


Where you'll learn to:

  • Finally allow space for yourself and your shelved dreams (Yes! That means managing your time and calendar).
  • Regain the passion & purpose that feels crushed under the responsibility and habit of being of service to everyone else.
  • Lay claim to what the world is calling you to do, be & have (with an unshakable confidence).

We begin Monday, August 26th

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