Who’s on TV? I’ll give you 1 guess..

TV show Black Renaissance

I am bursting at the seams with some good news!

Last week, I was blessed with my first on-air television interview about Elevate your NOW. #stillcheesing

The show, Black Renaissance, features current issues and a healthy balance to media negativity by profiling folks doing great things in the world.

Yes, I was nervous but my biggest quandary? This sentence: You can wear anything you want except for prints, stripes, dots, black or white. WHAT? Queue closet explosion and my husband going to hide lol.

Check out my livestream video as I’m walking to the studio

The Producer & Director of Communications and Public Affairs at CBS Local Media, Akilah Bolden, ushered us straight into the studio as they were taping the preview for the 11 o’clock news. How cool is that? It was great until she whispered, “Kysha, you’re up first” and pointed me toward a desk 5 feet away from the news anchors 😮  Queue trusty deodorant lol.  It turns out I had no need for nerves. Christin Ayers, the host, was personable and easygoing and I bonded quickly with the other guests on the show. It was over in a flash and so much fun.

The producer and I!
14492444_10153811722296109_2015046976103986266_nKPIX 5

The show airs this Sunday the 16th, at 11am PST (Channel 44/Cable 12). I’d love for you to catch it and leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the interview!

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Inner fireworks & a free gift! 3,2,1…

Success without stopping

BOOM! pppop pop pop pop pppop POP! Sigh.

In my wonderful city the fireworks begin weeks before Independence Day. Call it a heightened sense of patriotism, fascination with explosions or a love of pretty lights… all I know is at random times of the day or night, it’s irritating. Now I love fireworks. But what I’ve come to realize is the Forth of July marks the second half of the year and I am often “snap, crackle, popped” out.

In these last 6 months I’ve courageously stepped into a few resolutions and had a couple step on me – ouch. I’ve manifested a dream and watched another get fuzzy. The beginning of summer finds me at a place where I’m running on automatic and in danger of backsliding into old habits instead of being fueled by my usual passion and purpose.

Soooo, BOOM, POP! I’m using America’s 240th Fourth of July to strike a match and light some INNER fireworks for myself and YOU! My theme for July is “Success without Stopping” and I’ve created an awesome gift for you!

Fill in the blanks of this new lease on 2016 and post in the comments! I’d love to read it. I’d love it even more if you’d share your Inner Declaration of Independence with the rest of the Elevate your NOW tribe so we can be inspired and hold space for all that you declare. Want something EVEN better? Click here and you’ll receive a lovely PDF that you can print out and hang..  yeah, it’s cuz I love you 😉

Inner DoI crop


I hold these truths to be self-evident. I am created whole, perfect and complete. I am endowed by my _______________ (creator, universe, god) with the inalienable right to a __________, __________ & __________ (joyful, abundant, love-filled, purpose-full) life.
Today, in my ____ year of life, I acknowledge that I’ve instilled beliefs, created rules, and made numerous life-choices. To the extent that these become destructive and/or no longer serve my journey to the aforementioned life, I have the right & power to alter and abolish them, therefore instituting a NEW journey toward my best life. Laying its foundation on such principles & values as __________, __________, __________ (truth, freedom, love, abundance, family) – which allow me to claim and make space for my divine endowment. I do not make such changes lightly, as I am indeed grateful for ____________________ (my past, circumstances, mistakes) and all the _______________(lessons, good, memories) that came as consequence.
As I understand the hills & valleys one must traverse in the trek of life, I understand too, that once made aware of a faulty path, an impenetrable forest or a deep ditch, one is obligated to consult her/his map and right the path toward liberty. It is my intention to be __________ (free, whole).
I therefore, representing and claiming power over my own life, declare that I am absolved from all allegiance to _______________ (wrong thinking, abuse, bad habits) and set my elevation towards ____________________ (wellness, prosperity, business, healing) . This declaration is made with a firm reliance on __________ (faith, truth, god, family, community) .
And so it is.
_________________________ (your name)

I’d love to hear your thoughts, I always reply to emails and I check the group daily. xoxo

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In Spirit,

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I am my Resolution!

I am my resolution

Good God, where did the year go??

I am actually super excited to head into the new year. Why? Because this time it’s not just me and my wonderful family.  I am meeting 2016 as the creator of Elevate your NOW with an awesome community that is inspired to take flight to the next level of their lives.

However, I’m not going to lie, the end of 2015 came so quick I feel like I’m gasping for breath! I know I’m not alone in this feeling but you know what? We’ve got to slip on our bikinis (ok, ok, a one-piece.. wait, did someone say wetsuit?) and ride the wave!  I’m determined to ride into 2016 wearing a crown of gratitude, a bedazzled tool-belt and some stilettos of steel! Heeeey, don’t hate on my outfit, after I give you the details, you’ll want to rock it too!

YOU HAVE 40 DAYS & BEYOND to stop the cycle of declaring resolutions only to get started, lose steam, and beat yourself up come February.

Repeat after me: I will not declare a resolution; I am my resolution!  Join me in this campaign to bust into 2016 with an intention to BE instead of become!  I am offering a FREE strategy of quick, bite-sized steps to absorb your vision into your reality.

Here’s a glimpse of what I have in store for you

  • Hashtag Contest with great prizes!
  • Banish the #1 killer of dreams
  • Clear & passionate goal setting
  • You have everything you need.. under your mess! Clearing space for 2016
  • Your new woman-crush: YOU
  • New workshops
  • No woo-woo theories or dissertations – Practical day-to-day tips for reaching your goals

I’ll include some of the good stuff in my regular newsletter but if you really want to show up next year AS your resolution, click here to get EVERYTHING 

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Opportunities are choosing you!

Have you ever come across a successful business or invention and thought, What? that was my idea! I knew I should’ve done that.”

Or perhaps ran into a guy you once knew, who now has a great career and marriage, and instantly regretted that you didn’t talk to him when you had the chance?

Opportunities and ideas are energy.

They are not created accidentally, they happen because ‘things’ in the world are aligned to bring them to fruition. Once this perfect idea is out there, it is then pulled toward the person that is aligned with it! Want to guess what happens next? YOU happen. You make a choice whether to engage or allow it to come into your life. When your decision is “no thank you”, it doesn’t just dissipate. This perfect inspiration? Hell no, it seeks someone else in alignment and you, my friend, have just missed out.

When Opportunity knocks…

Having danced professionally for many years, I’ve watched directors in rehearsal choose dancers for solos or leads in choreography. In this time, I’ve witnessed 4 main “ways of being” when it comes to opportunity:
  1. One who, for whatever reason, is uninterested
  2. One who wants it, but is scared stiff of being picked because they are insecure about their ability or experience
  3. One who is cocky and therefore not growing, “I’ve done it before, could do it in my sleep…”

Who does the director choose? #4: The one who has talent but more importantly, is eager and ready to either fall on their face or light the stage on fire! 

I’m giving you a tool.

Don’t think you get a pass because you aren’t a dancer! Insert your next level or dream.. your house, career, passport, book, spouse, etc!

Think about the last few times an opportunity, inspiration or idea (that felt right) came your way.  Did you show up as number 1, 2, 3, or 4? What was the result?  If an opportunity to move forward in your vision presented itself, how would you love to show up and what shift do you need to make in order to be chosen?

Today, I’m the director and I choose you! Close your eyes and see the spotlight. It’s time for you to dance your dream!
I would love to see you in the Real Magic of Manifestation webinar, my next Workshop or read your comments on my Facebook page.
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Grief and Gratitude. Which way is up?

Seems that everywhere I turn, the theme is giving thanks with an undertone of potential grief.

 I say let’s feel it.

Feel the pain of a dying parent, a smoldering home, gunshots in the air, hospitalized friends, a far-away refugee, broken marriages, unloved children, touch through prison bars, demonized unions, covered bruises and dashed hopes.

All those things I don’t want to feel. Refuse to let in.

Guess what? Even the potential feeling of great sadness means we have the capacity to acknowledge the wrongness, the inharmonious aspects of life often thrown at us. If we don’t cry or get angry or stand in the thick of it bewildered that it is indeed reality… Well, then can we authentically be thankful for our lives?

Feel it.

We must give the proper emotion and energy to that which deserves it! Loss is real. Emptiness is tangible. Without these very human feelings of grief it is damn hard to achieve the divine feeling of gratitude.  Let’s make a commitment to feel the sorrow and rise out of it motivated to love harder, be safer, care more, raise our voices and hustle our gifts for humanity!
Please share with friends and leave a comment below or on my Facebook page.   xoxo
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 Your dream is ready. Are you?


The real magic. It’s not what you think.

“I have a gentle, joy-filled, respectful, unconditional relationship with my children”

 – One of my 2015 vision statements


Aaaaaand this is my Facebook post from Saturday:

WOOSAH. 2 disrespectful instances in one evening?
Closet door open
belt in hand
decibels rising
My sista Linda, the Positive Discipline expert, must’ve been speaking my name because I decided to sit us both down and take a few moments to center myself (after threatening that he better hope I’m in a different space in 3 minutes).
Before it was over, we talked about choices, consequences, the warring voices in our minds and I LISTENED to what he thought of his own behavior and decisions. I learned some things and he lost some things as a result of his actions. And I must say, it felt good hugging instead of hitting. We’ll see how this turns out. ‪#‎mommyslearning‬ ‪#‎learningtogether‬ ‪#‎putthebeltaway‬‪#‎dowhatworks‬ ‪#‎hasviolenceworkedforus‬ ‪#‎blackboysmatter‬ ‪#‎raisinggoodmen

WOOSAH. Again. Putting this on paper was hard, sharing it on Facebook and now with you is slightly painful. But I am sharing this very personal slice of mommyhood because we sometimes think the tools of manifestation, i.e. vision boards, affirmations, visualizing, etc., create some kind of magic that bring dreams to life. I apologize if I’m bursting huge shiny bubbles but: they don’t. There is magic, but like the choice I made to discipline my son without a belt, it occurs in the arduous daily choices we make to remain as we are or move into the version of ourselves alive inside of our dreams.

silhouette of mother kissing her daughter

In my workshops I quote Rev Andriette Earl as saying, “The biggest lie, the biggest.. is that you can have a different life without being different”.  The tools that I mention above and those I share and teach through my workshops assist and remind us that we desire a different life. The magic? Well the magic happens when SugarHoneyIcedTea hits the fan in our current reality!  You know, like when an old pattern pops up in a yummy new relationship.. when you’ve decided on a budget and then see a 50% off sale.. when you’ve been planning out your meals and someone offers cake (wait, sorry. That’s me), when you decide to step out on a limb but still have one hand on the solid secure trunk of the tree.

Need another WOOSAH?

Saturday night, I chose to move beyond the default, our history, my experience. I chose a different life. I was able to choose because I’ve affirmed and envisioned that life consistently. But man, it is hard work! I’ve had many choices before this one with my tween/teen children (who are great) and many more to go.

This is my work and my passion!  With my own life and with yours.  Because you are reading this, I challenge you to use the tools you have already, use my Dreamwork and join me in a workshop to continue manifesting your dreams and working the real magic of manifestation; The journey into the new you ♡

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Dream ClarityDream Clarity (1)  Dream Clarity (2)

Most Likely To Succeed

Hey beautiful people!


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Dreamwork – I define my success!

Here’s what I’d love you to do:

  • Choose one aspect of your life: Relationships, Health, Money Cycle, Time (defined in the video above)
  • Ask yourself, “what does it mean to ME to be successful in this area of my life?”
  • Write it down
  • Now ask yourself 2 more times! “What does it really mean to me?” Each time diving deeper than the previous answer. Write it down each time
  • If you really feel like going in… do the 3 questions for each aspect of your life (take a day between each to let it sink in)
  • Use the meme/picture below to remind and empower yourself and others
  • Leave a comment letting me know what YOU’VE defined your level of success to be!

Online workshop details and tickets coming soon. Don’t forget to share with friends and please leave a comment below or on my new Facebook page.  See you Friday! xoxo

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I’ve got 3 reasons…

3 reasons you should Elevate this Friday:
  1. Use your time and energy for good! We are inundated with tragic and negative news. Whether it is through social media, a TV newscast, internet pundits or simply a water cooler conversation, everywhere we turn we are presented with the worst thing that has happened lately. When is the last time you spent 3 hours in a room of motivated people creating and investing in making their lives, communities and this world better? Breathe life into your dreams...June
  2. Invest in yourself! Self-care includes improving your health and doing things that bring you joy. Acknowledging your desire for a better life, getting unstuck, gaining clarity, and pushing your vision further are the ultimate in caring for yourself and elevating your reality.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone and do something different! Come on, what is your Friday evening alternative? The club (go afterward)? A hot date (bring them & really get intimate)? A marathon of your favorite show on the couch(do that on Saturday)? Put on something comfortable or cute, write down what you would love to do, be or have, and spend some time breathing life into your dream!

Get those obstacles out of your way, invest in yourself and have some fun. Use your time to deep-dive into what brings you joy. If you are local, I’ll see you on Friday 😉  A new video is coming soon. Until then, go back to the first video and elevate whenever possible.
Remember #youthrivewethrive
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