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Hey lovelies, When it comes to tools for success, you can’t beat a planner. Yes, I still like to write with a pen & paper (dark ages right?) and I love pretty, well-made things. Every year I’m on the lookout for cool, functional, right-for-me planners. Now of course, you can get a regular notebook or calendar but if you want some extra motivation.. I’ve put together a list of the ones I like:


  • Law of Attraction Success Planner – This is my 2017 choice. It is planning through intention, has room for lots of list making, purpose building, goals & reflection. Plus it has all of the spiritual woo-woo stuff I love 😉 Oh, it lays flat and has ribbon place-markers (very important technical stuff for me). $20-40
    LOA Planner
  • Top·Down Planner – This was my choice last year. Absolutely loved it. 1-5 year goal section, mind maps, meeting notes, gratitude logs and it helps you plan your day according to your goals instead of what needs to be done. Some folks like larger planners, this one is thick but small enough to carry around. Woman-owned. It is pricey at $50
  • Proclaim, Prepare and Prosper Shades of Color – I was gifted this planner a few years ago by a good sistafriend and absolutely loved it because of the gorgeous art throughout. It is simple in terms of planning but inspires with lovely portraits of women, quotes, coloring pages, nutrition facts, etc. Black owned. $18 Shades of COlor Gbaby
  • Desire Map Planner – By Danielle LaPorte, whom I adore. This is super popular, a planner based on your desires and the way you want to FEEL. She sprinkles her “truthbombs” throughout to keep you motivated. I highly recommend looking to see if its your thing. It is a daily planner where the rest of these are mostly weekly. Woman-owned $44 
  • Passion Planner – Great planner for students & more. Room to write and create a roadmap to what you want. A young woman entrepreneur with a great story. For every one they sell, they give one away! $25-30
  • My Shining Year – A bestseller, thousands sold. Heart-centered creative, and very playful. Colorful and cartoon art. Not my style but many swear by it. It is not a daily calendar, meant to dream/vision for the year.Woman-owned $10(digital) -25 
  • Commit 30 – Really cool accountability planner. Simple and daily pages. Lots of room to write & gorgeous simple covers. $30 
  • Volt Planner – This one has space to draw and journal and is goal driven. Lays flat and has ribbon place-markers It isn’t pretty enough for me lol. Very sophisticated though. Also Woman-owned. $30-40 
  • Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner – I almost got this one. Love the combination of rituals and planning. Dreaming, goals, reflection & weekly task-lists. It is also very stylized and crunchy granola 😉 Husband & wife team $44 

Have you tried any of these, have a favorite not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

In Spirit,

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  • Thank You!!! This is amazing I will be ordering the commit 30 planner!! This is powerful I’m always seeking new ways to grow. My year will be Elevated for sure!!!

    • Shanale I have no doubt 2017 will be elevated for you! Let me know what you think of Commit 30 at the end of this month. xoxo

  • I love planners. I’m a lot like you, I like to write with paper and pen… everything. I guess, I’m old school. Lol There are so many to choose from. I’ll have to do some more research. Thank you for the suggestions.

  • I too love planners. For a couple of years I have been using The Inner Guide Planner, which I really like because it has a place for you to write down you priorities in each area of your life each month as well as reflections, words of wisdom and soo much more.
    For 2016, I was gifted Leonie Dawson’s Daily Planner, which I used all year and liked.
    For 2017 I got a Desire Map Planner and am looking forward to using it.

    I am also going to check out the Law of Attraction one you posted as well as Proclaim, Prepare and Prosper Shades of Color. Great gift ideas! Thank you for your review.

    • Cassandra, you are so welcome. You sound like a planner junkie.. I mean lover lol. I’ll check out the Inner Guide. Let me know how the Desire Map planner works for you in the first quarter. xo

  • Thanks Kysha! FYI…the Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner is now sold out! It must be a really good one! I placed my name on the list to be notified when they’re back in stock. In the meantime, I ordered the Law of Attraction Success Planner! 🙂

    • Hey Lillie,
      Oh wow, I didn’t realize it was sold out! I’m glad you found something else to use, I love mine xo

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