When you want to move forward but your feet aren’t cooperating

I’ve experienced this literally & figuratively! Have you?

As some of you that have been following me or have been to any of my events this year may know, I had the first serious injury of my life in January. I experienced the disorienting and painful complete rupture of my right Achilles Tendon during a run-of-the-mill kickboxing training. This year-long healing process has been (and still is) both arduous and full of beautiful lessons.

One moment that has permanently lodged itself in my memory, was the doctor’s visit to get my purple (because Prince) cast removed. My excitement at seeing this awkward, heavy thing finally buzz-sawed off my leg was quickly replaced by devastation. The doctor asked me, quite casually, to move my foot and… I COULD NOT. Did you read that correctly? Because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been a gym rat all my life, danced professionally all over the country, love any kind of movement and even though my brain sent the signal MOVE, my foot was still. Unmoving. Motionless. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

In a moment I want you to close your eyes. Dissolve the image of the purple cast and my unresponsive foot. When was the last time YOU wanted with every fiber of your body to move forward, you KNEW you were ready, it was finally time, and you could not get yourself to move from where you were to where you wanted to be?

Perhaps it was:

  • Consistently showing up for a workout/class you already paid for
  • Offering your services at a price you know you deserve
  • Committing to eating in a way your heart/joints/blood pressure would appreciate
  • Allowing yourself to be open to a new relationship… in a new way
  • Starting the project/venture you’ve been dreaming about
  • Finishing your book, that followup email, the call to ask for a promotion, umm finishing anything!

All forward motion and/or growth requires an inner movement first. It can also be devastating to remain immobile internally. Instead of being unable to see movement physically, you feel the decay of stagnation.

I’ve said many times that I don’t teach, advise or coach my community in anything I haven’t used or live as a way of life. One of the many tools I pulled out of my bedazzled, brightly colored toolbelt to get me through these months of healing is the tool of Permission.

(Word nerd here) The root of the word Permission is broken down in two parts: forward & to let loose, let go

Often when we can’t move, it’s because we’re subconsciously holding tight to an identity we no longer want and haven’t had permission to move. Permission for you, by you! I don’t mean simply telling yourself yes, but a deep look into the empty space you are planning to occupy and what it’ll take to get there. I had to do this again & again when relearning to walk on 2 feet!

Without Permission you

  • Think being comfortable (even in pain) is better than the unknown
  • Allow yourself to stay scared spit-less of what’s ahead
  • Remain blind to the support, resources & skills you already have
  • Can’t assess whether it’s worth it to take the next step
  • Trick yourself into remaining powerless & unnecessarily fragile
  • Forget who you are – your Divine self

I remember the first step I took without crutches. Knowing how strong I am, how connected I am, I still was almost in tears with fear when my physical therapist suggested that I try. I looked at her with what I’m sure had to be a six year old’s face on the first day of school and you know happened? She held her hand out, I grasped it and walked. Without stumbling, a re-rupture, or pain of any sort. I was shocked and so grateful!

I’d like to hold a hand out to you right now. Join me for a breakthrough coaching session on Friday (info below) or reach out personally for an intro to giving yourself permission here.

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I can’t wait to see you rise!

In Spirit,