What should my journey to success look like? Good question…

What does the journey look like when you feel the pull to be, do or have more than what you experience right now?

Stop right here for a second. Check in with how that sentence made you feel… Perhaps a bewildered, “I’m on it and I still don’t know!” OR an energized, “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” OR a guilt-ridden, “I’m blessed, I shouldn’t want more than I already have”.

Hey no judgement here! In my experience, we’ve all felt one of these at different times in our lives. Often it’s at this point, staring (or peeking) into the unknown, that fear creeps up and takes over. The weight of not knowing, trying to figure it all out and wondering if you even deserve what you desire will have you trapped in your comfort zone for years. Yep, years.

I often talk to people who feel a longing for transformation and they want to know if what they feel is real.

“Am I really being called toward something? If I am, then what? I’m just not sure how or if it’s even possible.”

This is my short and sweet definition of the “Journey” of a Calling. See if you find yourself on the continuum; comment below and let me know where.

Being Called: 

I am not going to lie, this can be tricky. I think when the Universe/Spirit/Intuition calls, it whispers on purpose. Why? Because you have to listen in order to hear a whisper. You must make enough space available between everybody and everything trying to grab your attention for the small sound to get through. And once you THINK you hear something, you must trust that you heard it. Thankfully, the whisper will continue until it seems like it’s shouting; In reality, you’ve only trained your ear to hear and trust the sound. Being called may ‘sound’ like coincidences, dreams, the same vision or thought over and over again, “Something said I should__”, opportunities showing up or simply a strong desire.

Being Activated: 

One definition of activation is: the act of making something start or making it start working.This is taking the thing off the Vision Board and into your life. You may have lots of experience with this. Researching, getting a certification, choosing names and titles, starting a chapter, taking classes, telling everyone about it, doing two weeks of a 9 week plan, drafting an email, setting up a dating profile, signing up for a gym membership… Need I go on? For many, it’s a great start with good intentions, and then for any number of reasons, the fires burn out. Write this one down! The secret to this crucial part of the journey is Inner Activation. Mindset is a huge part of ‘making something start’. You must BE, before you do, in order to have, and sustain.

Being in Action: 

Ahh, the sweet spot. Here, you are doing the thing, in the arena, hands dirty, full throttle (even with baby steps). This is where you (or others) experience fulfillment, results, outcomes and impact from the steps you are taking. In this part of the journey you’ve put something in place to encourage or ensure consistency. It could be systems, other’s expectations, a commitment, check-ins, partners and/or accountability.

Notice there’s no endpoint. Just like life, this journey is cyclical. While in Action you may feel yourself being called to elevate what you’re doing or eventually you’ll hear the call toward something else. It’s all good, it’s all life.

There are highs and lows in each section. You could be miserable while in Action. Some experience an extreme high in Activation. Being Called can be both exhilarating and scary as hell. Yep, life once again.

And as life will show you, it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m thrilled to say that no matter what part of the journey my clients find themselves experiencing, they’ve thrived with the expert guidance, transformative strategies and like-minded, powerful community of Alchemy.

Within the nine months of support Alchemy provides, you will:

  • Discover how to welcome, recognize and answer when you are being called, whisper or not.
  • Train and grow your muscle of Faith so that it is stronger than the fear that tries to keep you stuck.
  • Master decision-making and time management formulas to combat your overwhelm and exhaustion.
  • Form an inner circle of women that goes against the supposed norm: Noncompetitive, supportive, fun, inspired & smart.
  • Design a plan with achievable steps that align with your individual personality and life.
  • Finally put your plan in action with intention, accountability & guidance.
  • Create fulfillment in your life and impact in the world.
  • Learn from a coach who accepts you as you are AND will challenge, stretch, nurture, encourage and inspire you to be your most powerful divine self.
Doors are closing soon, we begin next week! If you are ready for your journey, click here to apply and we’ll be in touch soon. xo

“Sometimes we feel like we’re in life alone. Kysha was definitely a pivotal part in helping me at a time when I needed a friend, accountability, and a positive mindset to push me forward.” Alchemy 2019

“Thank you so much Kysha for these months in Alchemy. It has been an amazing and powerful life-transforming experience for me. Thank you for every session, every challenge, every tool, every resource, all of the encouragement, everything that you’ve provided.” Alchemy 2018

In Spirit,