How to Make Space for the Light you Deserve

Whether you are celebrating the birth of a savior, principles to live by, the miracle of light, or a new year, have you made space to welcome in the new?

December 21st was the last Winter Solstice of the decade! What does that mean? For me it brings to mind a Maori proverb that I love: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

The last long period of darkness is behind us so that we may welcome, expect and create LIGHT.

However, there has been something nagging at me lately. Many (myself included at times), are so willing to make that fast pivot toward the light that we completely miss the deep wisdom and growth darkness has to offer.

In this post, I’m gifting you a powerful Declaration AND an exercise to clear space within so that it may root.

?✨Happy New Year!✨?

Start 2020 worth a powerful Declaration (written and audio) AND an exercise to clear space within so that it may root!

A Declaration of Elevation
I declare grace over your life:
that the words from your mouth land softly
and your thoughts are loving and gentle
that your strides are long and sure…

To claim the rest of your declaration, click the link below! Comment and let me know how you used this in your life.