I’ve got 3 reasons…

3 reasons you should Elevate this Friday:
  1. Use your time and energy for good! We are inundated with tragic and negative news. Whether it is through social media, a TV newscast, internet pundits or simply a water cooler conversation, everywhere we turn we are presented with the worst thing that has happened lately. When is the last time you spent 3 hours in a room of motivated people creating and investing in making their lives, communities and this world better? Breathe life into your dreams...June
  2. Invest in yourself! Self-care includes improving your health and doing things that bring you joy. Acknowledging your desire for a better life, getting unstuck, gaining clarity, and pushing your vision further are the ultimate in caring for yourself and elevating your reality.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone and do something different! Come on, what is your Friday evening alternative? The club (go afterward)? A hot date (bring them & really get intimate)? A marathon of your favorite show on the couch(do that on Saturday)? Put on something comfortable or cute, write down what you would love to do, be or have, and spend some time breathing life into your dream!

Get those obstacles out of your way, invest in yourself and have some fun. Use your time to deep-dive into what brings you joy. If you are local, I’ll see you on Friday 😉  A new video is coming soon. Until then, go back to the first video and elevate whenever possible.
Remember #youthrivewethrive
In Spirit,

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