Registration is open!

It’s on!

Hey beautiful people, it’s announcement time! Registration is open for the Dreambuilding Workshop happening in Oakland on Friday, June 26th.  AND, details are coming soon for an online workshop for those of you thousands of miles away! Click the photo for the juicy details:

Breathe life into your dreams...June


Wow, it seems so long ago

At the end of 2009, I was busy putting together my list of resolutions and knew I needed to do more than just a vision board or a list that I put up somewhere.  From my studies and mentors, I learned the importance of affirmations and visualization but just couldn’t seem to really “get into it” by myself.  Long story short, I created a process to assist and supercharge my dream-building process and decided to invite folks over and try it with me. For 3 years these collective visioning circles grew and turned out some wonderful manifestations.

Whether it was the push from previous attendees or the pull to create an upgraded & enlarged version, the workshop is BACK and I can’t wait to be in the room!

Purchase your tickets soon, put June 26th on your calendar and get ready to have an awesome evening while you breathe life into your dreams ♡

Remember #youthrivewethrive
In Spirit,