Grief and Gratitude. Which way is up?

Seems that everywhere I turn, the theme is giving thanks with an undertone of potential grief.

 I say let’s feel it.

Feel the pain of a dying parent, a smoldering home, gunshots in the air, hospitalized friends, a far-away refugee, broken marriages, unloved children, touch through prison bars, demonized unions, covered bruises and dashed hopes.

All those things I don’t want to feel. Refuse to let in.

Guess what? Even the potential feeling of great sadness means we have the capacity to acknowledge the wrongness, the inharmonious aspects of life often thrown at us. If we don’t cry or get angry or stand in the thick of it bewildered that it is indeed reality… Well, then can we authentically be thankful for our lives?

Feel it.

We must give the proper emotion and energy to that which deserves it! Loss is real. Emptiness is tangible. Without these very human feelings of grief it is damn hard to achieve the divine feeling of gratitude.  Let’s make a commitment to feel the sorrow and rise out of it motivated to love harder, be safer, care more, raise our voices and hustle our gifts for humanity!
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In Spirit,

 Your dream is ready. Are you?