Opportunities are choosing you!

Have you ever come across a successful business or invention and thought, What? that was my idea! I knew I should’ve done that.”

Or perhaps ran into a guy you once knew, who now has a great career and marriage, and instantly regretted that you didn’t talk to him when you had the chance?

Opportunities and ideas are energy.

They are not created accidentally, they happen because ‘things’ in the world are aligned to bring them to fruition. Once this perfect idea is out there, it is then pulled toward the person that is aligned with it! Want to guess what happens next? YOU happen. You make a choice whether to engage or allow it to come into your life. When your decision is “no thank you”, it doesn’t just dissipate. This perfect inspiration? Hell no, it seeks someone else in alignment and you, my friend, have just missed out.

When Opportunity knocks…

Having danced professionally for many years, I’ve watched directors in rehearsal choose dancers for solos or leads in choreography. In this time, I’ve witnessed 4 main “ways of being” when it comes to opportunity:
  1. One who, for whatever reason, is uninterested
  2. One who wants it, but is scared stiff of being picked because they are insecure about their ability or experience
  3. One who is cocky and therefore not growing, “I’ve done it before, could do it in my sleep…”

Who does the director choose? #4: The one who has talent but more importantly, is eager and ready to either fall on their face or light the stage on fire! 

I’m giving you a tool.

Don’t think you get a pass because you aren’t a dancer! Insert your next level or dream.. your house, career, passport, book, spouse, etc!

Think about the last few times an opportunity, inspiration or idea (that felt right) came your way.  Did you show up as number 1, 2, 3, or 4? What was the result?  If an opportunity to move forward in your vision presented itself, how would you love to show up and what shift do you need to make in order to be chosen?

Today, I’m the director and I choose you! Close your eyes and see the spotlight. It’s time for you to dance your dream!
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In Spirit,

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  • Kysha, WOW, you got that perfectly spot on! You’re amazing, I love following your posts. I’ve had so many idea’s and in the time it took to question myself, someone else got right on it….

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