I am my Resolution!

Good God, where did the year go??

I am actually super excited to head into the new year. Why? Because this time it’s not just me and my wonderful family.  I am meeting 2016 as the creator of Elevate your NOW with an awesome community that is inspired to take flight to the next level of their lives.

However, I’m not going to lie, the end of 2015 came so quick I feel like I’m gasping for breath! I know I’m not alone in this feeling but you know what? We’ve got to slip on our bikinis (ok, ok, a one-piece.. wait, did someone say wetsuit?) and ride the wave!  I’m determined to ride into 2016 wearing a crown of gratitude, a bedazzled tool-belt and some stilettos of steel! Heeeey, don’t hate on my outfit, after I give you the details, you’ll want to rock it too!

YOU HAVE 40 DAYS & BEYOND to stop the cycle of declaring resolutions only to get started, lose steam, and beat yourself up come February.

Repeat after me: I will not declare a resolution; I am my resolution!  Join me in this campaign to bust into 2016 with an intention to BE instead of become!  I am offering a FREE strategy of quick, bite-sized steps to absorb your vision into your reality.

Here’s a glimpse of what I have in store for you

  • Hashtag Contest with great prizes!
  • Banish the #1 killer of dreams
  • Clear & passionate goal setting
  • You have everything you need.. under your mess! Clearing space for 2016
  • Your new woman-crush: YOU
  • New workshops
  • No woo-woo theories or dissertations – Practical day-to-day tips for reaching your goals

I’ll include some of the good stuff in my regular newsletter but if you really want to show up next year AS your resolution, click here to get EVERYTHING 

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In Spirit,
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