Why the Idea of Destiny Gets on my Nerves

“I’m searching for my true destiny.” OR “I have to accept that this was destined for me.”

Ooh, the sentences above annoy me like nails on a chalkboard or loud punk rock music… or someone chewing with their mouth open (don’t get me started). Have you ever heard or said those words? We’ve all toyed with guessing or proclaiming the path that is supposedly laid out for us. The truth is there’s something oddly comforting about having a destiny. With the hundreds of decisions we make daily, doesn’t it make sense to welcome a well-thought out plan?

Except that we’re talking about your life. This one. That you’re living right now.

I am all for Divine Guidance. As a matter of fact, it is one of the 3 pillars of my guilt-free decision-making formula (free masterclass below). What I’m not for is using God to create limitations where there is infinite possibility. As you search for your “true” destiny, you will most likely pass up opportunities to blossom. If you “accept” your destiny, you could be pouring a lifetime into something only built to last 3 years.

At my event in November, I opened with a conversation on the word Calling and it’s 3 biggest myths. Here’s one:

Your Calling has to be lifelong

Let me help you with that boulder you’re carrying. It doesn’t. The pull you feel on your life right now may be different from what you were called to do 10 years ago. That’s alright. Actually it’s all-right.

The YOU that everyone knows you to be, that you’ve hung your existence and sometimes your worth on, probably doesn’t feel authentic anymore does it? You need a change, you need to rip the whole thing up and start over again. That’s OK.

We are fluid beings. And no matter what society (or someone in your life) has told you, you get to change your mind. You get to grow and evolve. You were created to do just that. THANK GOD.

Where in your life are you relying on destiny instead of utilizing your divine power to make change? Career, health, relationships? Here’s a beautiful affirmation for you to use by Susan L. Taylor:

I’m like water, not Stone, flexible and limber in my living and giving. I am healthy and happy.
I learn things easily, and whatever I need to create my dreams rushes to meet me.

Be flexible, declare your happiness and let the universe rush in!

How many choices have you made that you’ve instantly or maybe 6 months down the road thought, “What the hell was I thinking?”

I’ve received so much positive feedback on this aspect of the Powerhouse Confidence Formula that I’ve decided to do a FREE online masterclass for folks that couldn’t make it in November and to refresh those who did.

Join me on Thursday, December 14th at 2pm for a powerful lesson in making decisions that you are less likely to regret and/or beat yourself up for. Sign up below.

In Spirit,

Photos by Bethanie Hines ~ Activate Your Calling