A New Feminine Way to Make Decisions

I was stopped in the grocery store by a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year.

This was the first thing.

She thanked me for sitting with her at a party (which I barely remembered) and sharing one suggestion for her upcoming birth. Her baby was now a few months old and she said what I told her made her birth so much easier.

The next day or so I received a Facebook message from someone who wasn’t a ‘friend’ but said she had been looking for me on social media to tell me how sharing my birth story at an event made such a difference for her experience. She said it was beautiful thanks to me and her son was now 2 years old!

The second thing.

Within the same week, I received an email from The Bradley Method (what I studied for my homebirths) saying they were coming to my area to teach a certification course and would I like to be an instructor? AND – yep, the same week – AND we came into a nice little chunk of unexpected money!

Are you still counting? Third & fourth things.

This is why I said, “Yes!” seven years ago to one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, becoming a certified natural birth educator. I coached pregnant couples & families for 12 weeks at a time through one of the most transformative times of their lives.

Why? Because Spirit told me to.

The 4 things I mentioned above all happening in one week may sound like a coincidence to some. I call it Divine Guidance and whenever I am still and faithful enough to recognize its presence, I am never steered wrong.

This is one third of the powerful decision-making process I’m teaching 12/14 at 2pm pst. The online (or by phone) masterclass is free and there will be a replay for 24 hrs only. Click here to sign up! 

BVD Decision Making – Passing your choices through the lens of:
Body intuition
Divine guidance

Photo by Bethanie Hines