Happy Holidays! How to Make Space for the Light you Deserve

Whether you are celebrating the birth of a savior, principles to live by, the miracle of light, or a new year, have you made space to welcome in the new?

December 21st was the last Winter Solstice of the decade! What does that mean? For me it brings to mind a Maori proverb that I love: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.The last long period of darkness is behind us so that we may welcome, expect and create LIGHT.

However, there has been something nagging at me lately. Many (myself included at times), are so willing to make that fast pivot toward the light that we completely miss the deep wisdom and growth darkness has to offer.

In this holiday email, I’m gifting you a powerful Declaration AND an exercise to clear space within so that it may root.

Excavation Exercise

I believe our pain, feelings and thoughts take up physical and mental space in our bodies. Depending on the depth and age, this energy can become toxic. Let’s be clear, this exercise doesn’t magically erase everything but it can be a powerful process of awareness, acknowledgment and release.

You can use this as journaling, meditation or mirror work. Whatever best allows you to go deep and return refreshed. First create time and space to be alone and reflective. Take several deep breaths. Answer these questions honestly and gently. When finished, I encourage you to give your self what it needs (more deep breathing, a good cry or yell, shake out your body, water, prayer, etc) and then immediately read the Declaration of Elevation. Let’s begin:

Ask yourself:

  1. What am I angry about?
  2. What am I sick of?
  3. For who/what am I grieving?
  4. Who have I been unkind to?
  5. What promises did I break?
  6. What do I need to forgive?
  7. In all of this, what am I grateful for?

A Declaration of Elevation

I declare grace in your life:

that the words from your mouth land softly

and your thoughts are loving and gentle

that your strides are long and sure

while your stumbles are quickly righted and learned from

that your way is safe and protected

I declare ease in your life:

that your best path is brightly lit

and courage meets you at every step forward

that you are supported with helping hands and fast feet

that resources show up before stress

that if you fall there are shoulders to cry on

and encouragers to lift you up

I declare prosperity for you:

that your needs are met and your desires are provided for

that you give from your own overflow

and it is easily replenished

that you know your worth and others see your value

that you manage your wealth from a sense of abundance rather than lack

I declare health in your body:

that you look in a mirror and celebrate your body temple AS IS

that you move with ease and strength

that your healing is swift and constant

that your being renews itself healthier than before

I declare love:

that thrive instead of survive love

that Agape/Oneness love

that intimate feel-good love

that laugh-until-you-cry-with-friends love

that self-first, I AM love

that deep connection with a being larger than you love

I declare a blessing over your life

one that goes before you

enfolds you

and is there in your wake

~And so it is


I’d love to know if/how you used this, comment and let me know

Happy Holidays! In Spirit,