Riding the Wave of Holiday Grief & New Year Visions

Hey family, I recently received some devastating news (I didn’t address this wrong, I consider you and the rest of my community family).

I was trying to come up with some great success tool to accompany the announcements at the bottom of this email but I have to be real about the waves of grief I’ve been caught in this week.

My beautiful, talented, powerhouse friend of 20+ years, Renee Puckett (above photo on my right in blue), passed suddenly on Saturday. If you were at Activate Your Calling in 2018, you may remember her sharing, had lunch with her or connected during group work. I don’t have many words right now but to say, I know some of you are grieving as well. And if you aren’t, you probably know someone who is. I saw this graphic on Facebook and thought it was spot on. Please use it or share it.

You know what? I also have these words:

Quit playin. There is no time. You Don’t. Have. Time. To keep holding back

  • your deep love from yourself and others because you might get hurt (so!)
  • on getting over petty shit
  • on forgiving yourself
  • your gifts because you’re too damn scared (we’re all scared, do it)
  • because of MONEY smh
  • the expansive light given to you by the creator

Renee didn’t hold back. She never did. I’m so grateful for this reminder. May the ancestors welcome her like the queen she is.

Please excuse grammar/spelling, I don’t feel like editing.

In Spirit,