A Valentine’s Day Challenge

Can we make a deal? No waiting for someone else to make you feel loved this today. Ok?

February 14th can bring up so many feelings for women. Most of which, if we’re honest, are downright exhausting. I’ve watched and felt at times in my life, feelings of confusion, shame, hurt, surprise, gratitude, anger and wonder.

I’m challenging you to turn Valentine’s day inside-out this year!

Valentine is a name derived from the Roman family name Valentinus, which was derived from the Latin word Valens meaning: “strong, vigorous, healthy.

Whether or not you have “a valentine” to make plans with, make a commitment right now to take at least 15 minutes on Friday to do something… anything that makes YOU feel strong, vigorous and/or healthy!

Let’s REALLY practice self-love. Love yourself enough to remind yourself:

  • How strong you are physically
  • How mentally strong you’ve been in your life
  • What vigorous energy looks like
  • Of your miraculous health
  • Just how grateful you are to have a healthy lifestyle

What would that look like for you? Comment and let me know!

In Spirit,