Is your laziness getting in the way of being great?

“May I gather up my internal forces and lead the life I was created to live.
May I not be lukewarm today, but rather deeply committed to the principles I believe in. Who am I to be lazy when I have been called by God to greatness. May I not forget today the importance of the ground on which I stand.”

The quote above is excerpted from my daily morning reading, A Year of Miracles by Marianne Williamson. When I read it, I instantly fell in love with the ability it had to ignite what I needed to rise into this week.

I spent some time meditating on this line specifically: Who am I to be lazy when I have been called by God to greatness. Mmmm, breathe that in for a second. We have all been called by something greater than ourselves to be, do and have more. However, I am not a fan of the word “lazy” because it often walks heavy with judgement about behavior that may be mislabeled. While I definitely have moments of being unwilling to do much more than throw popcorn into my mouth while watching some wild science-fiction, I rarely have time to be lazy.

Sounds weird to say, right? But the truth is, most powerhouse women are far too busy to be lazy. What is actually happening but not really acknowledged during this time of doing nothing is:

  • Exhaustion
  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Escape
  • Emptiness
  • Grief
  • Fear

Playing small. To be transparent, that is what came from the stillness of me sitting with this excerpt. I’ve put myself out there in order to help transform the lives of many women but in truth, I’ve been playing very safe. I’ve been speaking up when I should be yelling. I’ve been offering change when I should be demanding transformation. I’ve been showing up in my knowledge instead of shining through my genius! Can you tell I’m inspired? Lol.

I am betting that like me, you have a beautiful vision of a life you would love to live. If any of the words above resonate, I encourage you to slip that word into the sentence and then ask yourself, “If this is stopping me from greatness, what is one small thing I can do to make room for my divine life?”

For example: Who am I to be exhausted when I have been called by God to greatness? Maybe I could go to bed one hour earlier tonight or say No to that extra thing my boss asked me to do.

Try it out for yourself and reply with your sentence and ‘one small thing’. You can also share it in my Powerhouse Women Rising group, click the button.

In Spirit,