Today is tomorrow’s history – My thoughts on Woman’s History Month

There aren’t many days in my life that don’t include Women’s History Month. Why? Because like Black History Month, these are not one-time opportunities for reflection, learning and celebration, they are active verbs in my life and business.

Women’s History Month in the US began as a week in March which eventually Congress voted in 1987 to be a month in perpetuity. Jimmy Carter in his 1980 Presidential Message designating the week said, “…the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well”. Although I love learning about inventions, firsts and courageous stories of the past, there is a part of me (my calling) that feels compelled to recognize that today is tomorrow’s history; therefore it’s important to be about the business of inventing, achieving, leading, being strong and loving NOW. The thing is, this doesn’t call for anything monumental. It’s really based on OUR daily activities regarding women and as women.

You can’t help but reflect that it has been a whole year (give or take depending where on the globe you live)- an historic, chaotic, global-reset of a year, since the world as we knew it came to a halt. As the weeks became months, among the many things I (we all) dealt with was a profound mourning for an aspect of my calling and business that I hold dear. All of my workshops, Meetups, events, conferences and retreats were canceled. It felt like a huge part of how I LIVE women’s history month had been cut off. In the beginning of 2020 I had multiple beautiful gatherings. small and large!

What did you mourn most during 2020? Have you acknowledged it?

If you know me, you probably know I’m an extrovert. That means that while introverts across America were reveling in their newfound freedom from people (the folks in my household included), we extroverts were looking out of our windows crying into our beverage of choice.

While I think of gathering as fulfilling a big part of my mission – creating safe, powerful spaces for aligned community and transformative action– I learned that this value is not restricted to in-person events. It is woven into the very fabric of what I do and how I do it.

Is there something that you thought was lost or gone that has shown up in other ways?

When shelter-in-place went into effect for a large portion of America, we were in the middle of my 9 month coaching program Alchemy. There were many times when my clients struggled to find the time, space in their homes (doing Zoom in cars) and energy to show up to the coaching calls. In full transparency there were times when I just wanted to stay in bed instead of showing up to serve. I’M SO GLAD WE DID. There was a session where I suspended all teaching and coaching and we just talked through fears, tears and laughter,. About everything going on and how it was effecting us.

“I’m so glad I chose to say yes to Alchemy, I don’t know what I would’ve done without y’all throughout this!”

“With everything going on, I’m so happy that I am still moving forward toward my goal. I see how much it means to me.”

“Thank you for giving me this space to keep showing up, even when I don’t think I can.”

THIS. This is what National Women’s Month is to me. Not just achievements, broken glass ceilings and acts of courage but the inner workings of what goes into creating the acts that show up in our history books. This and my company values of

  • Wholeness – To leave no parts of you behind on this journey of success. No matter how janky, broken or damaged aspects of your life seem to be, when accepted, integrated and loved, it forms the Whole and Complete YOU. Bring it ALL!
  • Trust – Even when you don’t want to, when you’re exhausted, when everything around you is in pure chaos, trust in your decisions or Divine timing enough to simply show up and get your miracles.
  • Community – If you’ve been to my events, you’ve heard me say, “Your vision should be to big to do alone”. This means seeking out and accepting support. It also means not going through shit alone. Let your sisters pour into you when your cup is empty; When it’s full, let the overflow quench someone else’s thirst.

Whew, can I get a hallelujah? Annnd, I’m not done. I want to give you a peek into my world to see how Women’s History month shows up for me personally. But that’s next week. Until then, comment and let me know what part of this spoke to you? How do you experience women’s history month?

In Spirit,